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Joys & Concerns Prayer Requests - most recent month

John and Jim enjoyed worship with a lively group of 25 men on May 11th, Here are the joys and concerns:

  • Mr. Cason – Joy for Mother's Day;
  • Clark – Pray for his son and daughter.Keep him sober. Pray for fellow inmates.
  • John – Touch all our mothers’ hearts. Touch the judges’ hearts.
  • Eric – provide guidance for him and his fiance. Help him get his mind right.
  • Grant – Thanks God for his joys. Pray for all in the murder pods.
  • Tony – Pray for Estella and Omar and his family. Stay well grounded.
  • Funk – Thanks for people who introduced him to God. Keep him from backsliding.
  • Carl – Get rid of his anger and anxiety. Get closer to God. Help his family. Pray for his court case.
  • Jason – Pray for patience and faith for his mom. Pray for unspoken requests.
  • Tommy – Better understanding in life.
  • Parnell – Slow down and get back on track.
  • James – Pray for fellow inmates. Lord have mercy in mid and spirit.
  • Jason – Pray for all mothers.
  • Shawn – Pray that goodness comes from hs heart and that his deceased family look down as angels.

Steve L.* (1/2016) 2Pray Yes No Music; J&C No avail
Jim D.* (1/2016) J&C; C2W&Beni Yes Yes Yes
Rich B. Scripture; No 2Pray No maybe
Chris D.* no
Becky T. Scripture
Karly H.* C2W&Beni Maybe
Maynard H. Maybe
John S. scripture Yes Yes Yes
Lee C2W; Prayer of Adoration
LOCATION S5F Woodburn Ave. Woodburn Ave. S3F N5F Women's Adapt
JAIL PARTICIPANTS 21 2 2 23 25 0

MWPC Jail Ministry Efforts - Second Sunday of every month. Meet at MWPC parking lot by 8:15 a.m. on the day of worship unless noted otherwise.

** Details about Chapel duty

J&C - joys and concerns, finishing with the Lord's Prayer; summarize and send to Steve
C2W & Beni - Call to Worship & Benediction
2Pray - two separate prayers - one for Adoration, one for Confession
Scripture - 6-8 separate readings, with any context that you want to provide
Music - chooses selections and arranges accompaniment

"*" - has badge: need at least one badge member with each worshipping group


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Joys & Concerns Prayer Requests - earlier months

Becky, Rich, Karly and Steve worshipped with approximately 23 guys in South 3F on Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014. It was a meaningful time with the guys, especially since they asked about Palm Sunday and we then wove that description, our prayers and discussion even more around the wonderful scriptures that Becky shared. Prayer Concerns included…
• Terrell – has court on Wednesday and is asking that he be given opportunity for a fair trial
• Todd – prayers for his three daughters, Kayla, Hailey and Isabel
• Corey – that all of us have the heart of God. All praises to God. His trial is Monday and he asks for the grace of God to be on all of us. His message to us is that we all stumble and fall but that we can learn from our mistakes
• Karly – grateful to be here today and part of the worship team. Her message to us is that it’s never too late for salvation and it’s worth looking at the SOAR program to help when out of incarceration
• Steven – prayers for family and loved ones; that God would reach out to all – those in the U.S. and those everywhere including those in China, Turkey, Afghanistan, …
• James – that his spouse be patient with this huge stumbling block that is causing suffering by both; that there might be apparent “light at the end of the tunnel for both!” He is joyful that we are visiting today and providing worship opportunities
• Ronald – be with his wife who has had recent surgeries; that his visit with the parole board will be successful so he can get back home to his kids and grandkids
• Tim – be with his significant other, Brittany, and her high risk pregnancy; his trial is on the 24th and he asks for prayers of strength; Praying for the lost, the hungry, the homeless
• Ricardo – be with his two kids, Carmelo and Infinity – that they focus on school and not worry about him, that he’ll be out soon enough
• Terrell – be with his family
• Derrick – it’s a joy to have us there worshipping; be with his family and everyone in here! Be with Demarco who has court tomorrow

Two men at the Talbert House on Woodburn Ave. joined John and Jim for worship on March 9. Although the numbers were small the spirit was present and the service uplifting with scripture, prayer and music. The following joys and concerns were expressed:

  • Paul-A request to return to prayer and to forgive himself and be free of guilt.
  • John- Joys: The support of his family and the support of the VA and Talbert House. Concerns: Working on self-forgiveness and concern about his physical health and relief from discomfort.

On February 9th, Rich, Steve and Lee were together for worship with 2 men from the Talbert House facility on Woodburn. We had a relaxed, meaningful worship service with James and Daniel. Steve led the joys and concerns time and this is a summary of those items shared…

  • Daniel - joy that his 16 year-old daughter, Kali, has decided to pursue her college education by going into the Army or Air Force
  • Daniel - concerns for his parents living in Romania. Donna (stroke and trembling/epileptic) and Paul (recent prostate and hernia surgeries)
  • Rich - his brother Bob is continuing to deal with health challenges including a recent seizure that paralyzed his right side. There's a chance they will be moving him to the 2nd floor which would be a psychological negative since the sense is that people don't leave if they're on the 2nd floor
  • James - prayers for his victims of his drunk dirving accident, including 2 daughters. He is joyful that no one died. He mentions that in the book of James mentions "consider it joy when in times of trial and tribulation"
  • Steve - mentioned the celebration of life of his Aunt Nelle - she was a positive influence; and prayers of support for her children
  • Lee - be with Missy and her caregivers as she continues process of timing and assessing medication
  • NOTE: I'm thinking we'll add a fourth sheet of music, containing the songs One Day at a Time (the slogan on the back wall of the Woodburn facility) and Turn, Turn, Turn. Are there other songs you'd like to have added?

Jim, John and Steve were together for worship with 21 men from Pods S5E and S5F. The men willingly read scripture and we said the 23rd Psalm together during the course of our time together. Jim led the joys and concerns time and this is a summary of those items shared by the men…

  • Sherod – Keep his faith intact and be strengthened
  • Demeico – Pray for his family and that the Lord will come into his and his enemies’ hearts. Pray for strength and guidance and that God can spread His will.
  • Juan – Pray for the safety of his family and friends. Pray for his freedom.
  • Sonny – The Lord will give him peace, strength and guidance.
  • Shaq – Pray for the well being of his family and friends
  • Josiah – Pray for his mother
  • Jim – Pray for knowledge and wisdom for himself and others
  • Frank – Pray for restoration of his relationships and pray for his family.
  • Antonio – God continue to bless him with patience and humility and bless the others incarcerated with him.
  • Shaquile – God work with him to make him better. Bless his family and his adversaries.
  • Kenny – Lord allow him to be delivered from evil. Protect his family and loved ones and enemies. Show him the path.
  • Anthony – Give him a humble heart and patience and protect his family
  • Merrell – Lord watch over his family. Help him to change and strengthen his faith. Bless everyone in the new year.

Twenty nine female residents joined Jim, Becky, Rich and John in celebrating Christmas in traditional songs during worship on December 8, 2013. The enthusiasm was reflected in their participation and the expression made after each one. The following joys and concerns were expressed:

  • Alexis - Asked that her family be blessed if she is not home for the holidays and for God's work concerning her court date.
  • Merisa - Asked for strength for family and friends and the women at Talbert House
  • Candy - Hopes to go home for Christmas to be with family,
  • Lashun - Anxious to be home and prayers for her brother and cousin who are in prison.
  • Beverly - Prayers for her mom and stepdad who are sick.
  • Shawna - Prayers for God to protect her husband and kids for the holidays.
  • Amber - Requests prayers for her children , family and for the people she hurt.
  • Cassie - Needs prayer for strength and forgiveness as well as her mom and dad who are taking care of her children.
  • Rachel - Prayer for her father who is in hospice care. Also her family and brother-in law who passed away on Dec. 4. She has hope to be home for the holidays.
  • Brandi - Pray for strength and guidance in her case and for her family and aunt.
  • Chrissy - Prayer for daughter who had seizures.
  • Ashley - Pray for her young son who lost his father due to addiction. Pray he does not feel abandoned.
  • Cherie - Pray for guidance and wisdom to make sound decisions with alcohol and drug addictions.
  • Aisha - Pray for her family and friends. Also that her court date goes well and for her bunk mate.
  • Briana - Courage to get through her situation and for her son to stay strong. Also for short court dates for Ebony and Aisha.
  • Jenni - Going to court on Tuesday and hopes it goes well so she can go home to her kid. Prayers for everyone else at Talbert House.
  • Anastasia - Pray for her mother and daughter. Joyful that we came to visit and feels blessed with life each day. She is grateful she found God.

On October 13, Maynard and Karly Holcombe shared worship with 17 men in Pod S5F of the Justice Center. We made a joyful noise unto the Lord, even without guitar accompaniment! Karly and I both felt that our worship was moving and genuinely appreciated by the men, who sang heartily, and participated in scripture readings. Eight men shared joys and concerns with all of us, as follows:

  • Sherad asked that we keep his family in prayer, particularly his sister who has diabetes, and that he learn to keep God in his life;
  • Tristian asked help in staying focused on traveling the right path;
  • Antonio asked that he learn to let God slow him down, and that all of the men find the right path;
  • James asked us to keep his ill grandmother in prayer, and that God lead him to a good path and to be a role model;
  • Demico asked for prayer for his family and children, and for all inmates;
  • Sonny asked that God's will be done at his upcoming court dates;
  • Merrill asked that we pray for his children and that God protect them while he is away;
  • Kenny asked that we pray for his family and that he get a short sentence from the Judge.

All of the men thanked us for the worship experience at the end of the hour.

On Sunday September 8, Maynard, Karly, Rich, Jim and John joined 19 men for fellowship and worship at the Hamilton County Justice Center. Led in song, the response from those individuals was enthusiastic and expressive of their opportunity to join together in the service. The following joys and concerns were expressed:
1. Larry-pray for everybody in the unit, their trials and concerns and for homeless people to get shelter. Thanks to God for his wife and wish for good outcome of his court date on 9/17.
2. Modesto-He is going home Tuesday and prays to serve the Lord and families.
3. Terry-Pray for his baby to be born on Wednesday. Bless his family while he is gone and prays for God to lift him out of here.
4. Kenneth-He has joy he is alive and prays for the world and that everyone in his unit will open their hearts to God and that God's will be done when he goes to court.
5. Joe-pray that God sees his case and asks for grace and mercy to all in the unit.
6. Gordon-pray for wife and daughters.
7. Turney-pray for the trials and tribulations.
8. William-pray for his court date on Tuesday and his family and all he loves.
9. Lavon-pray for safety, freedom and health.
10. Jeremy-pray for family and the ministry team.
11. Greg-pray for family, friends, and his court date on Tuesday.
Following the service the worship team was greeted by all those attending with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

Chris, Jim and Steve worshiped with 15 men in S4F on August 11 with Lamont helping by being our liturgist - he read every one of the scriptures with passion and loud enough for all to hear. It was a wonderful service with many of the men increasing their participation as worship moved through the hour. We had guys up in "the balcony" (the upper level) this time, which was unusual, plus several guys behind their doors looking out periodically to listen in. Here are the Joys and Concerns

  • Lamont – Hopes God’s will be done for him and he becomes a better man
  • Kadeem – Pray for everybody in the prison to change their lives. Pray for their families and good court results
  • Felix – Get through his obstacles. Have a better understanding. Do better by his kids
  • Kevin – Pray for his neighbor in his pod
  • Romario – Pray for guidance and show him the way
  • Carajoi – Pray for better lives for everybody. Hope for the best. Pray for all the sick and poor
  • Lavell - Ask the Lord to push him forward to help him and his family
  • Dave – Pray for wisdom and reunite his family
  • Jermaine – Lord help him contain his tongue. Pray for family, friends and especially his grandmother who passed away in 2011
  • Ben – Lord give strength to his father Mike

Chris and John had the privilege of worshiping with 17 woman at the Talbert House on Reading Road, Sunday, July 14th. Here are the prayer requests


  • For the woman in the facility - give them peace, hope and joy
  • Her family, 2 kids and 3 sisters
  • For her to stay close to God and grounded


  • For her 3 kids
  • To make it home safe

Jo Jo

  • Being released this week - Strength for her journey


  • Being released in 12 days - for the strength to stay sober


  • Unspoken

Mary Ann

  • Getting out in 3 weeks - strength to stay sober and do the right things
  • For her friend Amanda Kettrney


  • To be reunited with her daughter


  • Unspoken


  • Peace
  • To be able to control her anger
  • The wisdom to know she is not always right


  • To be strong and for self control

JAIL MINISTRY - June 9, 2013

Steve and Rich worshiped with 24 inmates at S4F. The joys & concerns shared were:

  • Thomas - prayers for his wife Shalene
  • Chaz - concern that his kids are okay
  • Tommy - mom has heart problems
  • James - equality for all is important
  • Terry - pray for his family, his parents in particular
  • Harris - prayers for everyone in the jail
  • Troy - prayers for friends and family
  • Demetrius - prayers for his family
  • Dan - prayers for his family
  • Mike - prayers for this family, kids and everybody in the jail
  • Rico - prayers for his family, growth in faith, peace and better faith in the Lord
  • Joe - concern for his dad with lung cancer, his mom with an aneurysm on her heart, 3 daughters, his fiance and himself
  • Elbert - prayers for his family, friends and brother in OK
  • Richard - prayers for his wife Susan (he is in jail for issues he had with her) — asks for forgiveness for all he's done
  • Justin - be with his son Damian, his mom, and that God rejoins them together soon. Strengthen everyone in here
  • Elias - prayers for his family and that he is back with them soon

JAIL MINISTRY - May 12, 2013

Steve, Lee, John and Rich worshiped with 25 inmates at N5C. The joys & concerns shared were:

  • Melvin - get out and live a productive life
  • Aswan - strength to keep up on right path when he gets out
  • Nazarus - keep his head in the Bible and keep following Christ's steps
  • Marvin - get out of here and do the right thing, follow the Word
  • Vondica - better his praise and worship of God
  • Torrence - kids to be safe; God provide us strength when we're weak
  • Demarcus - help him to be a better family member; keep everyone safe
  • Keith - stay changed, stay on right path and be productive
  • Tony - God be with him continually in helping deal with selfish ways; that he knows and lives God's will; be with those still suffering to find God's will
  • Ray - be with his family, help him to be a more productive dad and provider and to stay on the right path
  • Tyrone - grow stronger in the Word;
  • Jeremy - live in a Godly manner; strengthen him as he deals with a brain tumor and bleeding stomach
  • Demarco - forgive his sins; provide him a heart to see Jehovah's kingdom; help him avoid doing the wrong things; be with his fellow inmates
  • Robert - be with his 4 year-old niece, Aubrey, as she deals with a cancerous tumor on her spine
  • Jay - thank God for the things good and bad; help us learn from experiences
  • Bob - be with the women in our lives, even with the ways we sometimes treat them; that they have a special day
  • Jeff - give family strength in his absence
  • David - help us listen for God's purpose for us and God's will; prosper in the best way to meet God's will
  • Rich - Bob's surgery went well to remove virus from his foot
  • Steve - prayers of strength and support for Dick Y.
  • Jerel - help him change his life

JAIL MINISTRY - April 14, 2013

Becky, Chris, Lee, Karly, Maynard and Steve worshiped with 25 inmates at N4C. The joys & concerns shared were:

  • Mark & Jake – All the brothers they are serving time with and to give them strength
  • Cecil – Strength for his wife while he is in jail
  • Chad – George and his grandmother
  • Lawrence – That he is home in time for his daughter’s graduation
  • Allen – That his victim can recover and find forgiveness for him
  • Ronny – For strength to recover from his addiction and stay clean
  • Adam – That he is able to stay clean
  • John – To evangelize God’s word

JAIL MINISTRY - March 10, 2013

Becky, Jim, Karly, John and Maynard worshiped with 4 inmates at Men's Adapt. The joys & concerns shared were:

  • Damont Joy- for the two friends who joined him in worship; Concern- To stay focused and steadfast to the Lord and do what is right.
  • Andrew Joy- Having God back in his life. Growing in his spirituality help him with his efforts to stay clean. Concern- Father has melanoma. Keep him in our prayers.
  • Jim Concern- Aunt Thelma dealing with ovarian cancer
  • Karly Joy- Grateful to be here

JAIL MINISTRY - February 10, 2013

Chris & Rich worshiped with 18 inmates at S3F at the Justice Center. Without a guitar to accompany us, we did sing two songs (Amen and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot) with the inmates. Scripture, prayers, and joys & concerns took up the entire hour. The joys & concerns shared were:

  • Darren: Joy in the Lord renewing his mind, health & spirit, asked for help in changing his old ways, and asked for help for those who are sick & in need of Christ for healing & compassion.
  • Jacoby: help in changing his old ways & from any negative process, asked for family to be protected.
  • Jeffrey: Asked God to search his heart and for him to walk the walk & asked forgiveness for others. Give encouragement to those in need.
  • Michael: Pray that the Lord teaches him from his actions, & for protection of his family/love ones & for his girlfriend who is pregnant, and for his mother’s boyfriend who is on life support.
  • Louis: Joy in the Lord to keep walking in his family lives, asked for positive changes. Since the Lord knows our thoughts he wishes for an end to negative thinking. Asked for another chance to prove himself to others.
  • Mark: Joy in the truth of the word, needs to stay on the path of rightness. Concern for his 4 mo. old son, Mark II who needs heart surgery.
  • Quincy: Wants to keep on the straight & Narrow path, seeking his word concerned with making it back to his family so he can take the word home with him. Asked for prayers for his upcoming court date on the 21st.

JAIL MINISTRY - January 11, 2013

Twenty-three men from S5 joined Becky, John and Steve in worship. The statement "there's a new Sheriff in town" is certainly true. We had to take the guitar and any items other than song sheets and Bibles back to the car. Steve will be sending a note to Jack Marsh just to let him know about this, with particular hopes that guitars will be allowed in future months. [When I told my mom about this last night during our weekly call she mentioned that maybe we'll have to work on our harmonica skills? :-) ]

The following were joys and concerns expressed at this service:

  • Ave - happy to be here
  • Ser - joy to wake up this morning
  • Keith - searches for answers to his prayers
  • Tonio - blessed to have a new daughter born on Saturday - her name is Kamire
  • Perez - thankful to be alive
  • Robert - ability to talk about our faith with our brothers (white and black men!)
  • Robert - appreciates all we receive
  • Ser - appreciates today's blessings and those that will follow
  • Scott - strength to move forward; thankful to know right from wrong
  • Bruce - God is good! Blessings to all who are in here!
  • Mike - thankful for family, Jesus and the Word
  • Demark - thankful for his faith and the life support it provides, including Jesus. Appreciates being able to still find God, even here. Asks for prayers for his family and specifically for his grandma's health
  • Demark - thanks us for being there to worship with them
  • Becky - joyful for the birth of a grandson born this past week, Colin

As we left worship one of the other groups was entering the elevators from the 5th floor as well. One Spirit-filled member of their team was beautifully singing the tune "We Fell Down." I love the "Get back up again" message here! This seemed worth sharing with you all — . Maybe we'll add this chorus to the repertoire some day?

Please note in the joys above that Becky/Dennis just welcomed grandchild #2 into their family this past week

Twenty women joined Jim, Rich, Becky, Lee and John in celebrating the Christmas season at the Talbert House in downtown Cincinnati. The singing included traditional worship songs and Christmas carols which the women especially enjoyed. The following were joys and concerns expressed at this service:

  • LERYN - pray she leaves on the 22nd and needs prayers for guidance and prayers for daughter and grandbaby
  • CINDY - prayers for daughter and son to stay strong. She wants them to know she loves them since they do not know where she is.
  • TABITRA - prayers for her sick father and children and husband during the holidays.
  • KRISTEN— prayers for grandparents and her son James.
  • IVJEGAN - concern for court date and prayers for children. Joy is her daughter Trinity. Also pray for her friend, Sayla.
  • WANDA - Joyful she is leaving, but concerned for her daughters, mom and for Kenny's mom, daughter and son.
  • JORDAN— joy for her daughter, Elissa.
  • JESSICA - joy for her daughter, NyAbi. Concern, starting to lose faith.
  • ADRIAN - joy
  • Alyah — concern her family in Mississippi.
  • AMY - joy for daughter Madison. Struggling because her mother is not home.
  • ANGELA - her concern is that she will miss her baby's first birthday and her parents -will be giving a birthday party in her absence. She is also concerned for herself since she is leaving December 15.
  • JESSICA— she is leaving Tuesday and asked God to be with her as she goes to a place where she will not be with her family.
  • KELLY - she asked for prayers, to help her stay clean and sober when she leaves on Wednesday.
  • DENISE my joy is my kids. Also my best friend, my sister, for being there for us and having my kids when I need her the most. My concern is that I go to court Tuesday on charges I did not Commit, :but I'm here.. I believe others around me don't have faith and I am asking you to pray for me and my son who is acting out because I am in jail.

At our 11/11/12 visit to the Justice Center, Steve and I (Chris) had the blessing of worshiping with 65 to 75 women (we were too busy to count). It was quite an experience! They were not sure about joining in to sing so they mostly listened to the two of us, oh my. They even clapped for us a few times. (I think they were really applauding Steve.)

It was truly a unique and wonderful time of worship. We had so many attend the time of worship that we had to split up to capture all their joys and concerns. Below are the prayer requests spoken at N3C on 11/11/12. Sorry for delay in getting they out to you.

Angel – that my 3 children and I be reunited and never broken apart again. Please pray for my release on November 30th
Cami – Joy: having 2 daughters. Concern: keep my dad free of cancer and let him walk again
Fenitia – joy for my kids Aijah Long & Tre’shawn Long. Prayer for me to be released to be with my kids
Janine – concerns: Pray that my mother-in-law fights and defeats her battle with cancer and that I be released on November 19th
Annie – Concern: that the judges looks at all persons as individuals and gives us a sentence not based on biased opinions
Ericka – Concern: that where my tooth got pulled out that its infected. Joy: waking up today and my daughter’s life
Joyce – I am blessed to be alive and healthy and able to worship my GOD!
Robin – that her bond reduction hearing goes well on 11/15 at 9 a.m. so she can work on the appeal from outside this confinement; pray that the truth will come out
Jessica – Joy: that she is sober and has a wonderful daughter Niyah
Angel – she feels blessed
Annie – she feels blessings of life regardless of her situation
Jessica – have joy in life, and wants to keep it
Hannah – thank the Lord for keeping me humble and at peace
Annishia – I’m happy to have God’s guidance and blessings!
Renneisa – Pray for my son and for me – we both got court on the 15th and 16th
Latasha – I need prayer for my family, my mother’s heath and forgiveness. In need prayer. I’m going to court on November 15th and I pray that the truth comes to light.
Paris – case is finally over and going to prison – hoping and praying she gets to go home early
Rachael – joyful that I woke up and came to church. Worried about her case and getting out to do better and get well (sober)
Amanda – joyful I finally came to church today, first time in 30 days of being in jail! And she just asks that we pray that God is with her when she goes back to the parole board to just let me be okay. Asks for prayer for her daughter to keep her safe while she gets well. Pray that God is by her side through everything
Sherry – concern for her father and mother. Court date on November 13th
Carrie – concern for her kids, family and other inmates
Charity – concern for her son and that she do things right this time
Ronae – concern for her family and court date on November 13th . Thank you! 
Amy – joy that God is so forgiving for all her sins. Concern for her family and children
Heather – concern that kids come home and her husband stays clean and she completes treatment successfully!
Fay – concern for her kids, grandkids and sister
Rhonda and Melissa (mother and daughter) – for strength to stay sober, clean and away from temptation
Tennille- God’s help facing her court date. Strength to keep her from temptation
Melanie – God’s help with her court date and that she becomes closer to God.
Martha – God’s care for her children Amber and Adam
Tameka – Joy for going home and concern for the friends she is leaving behind in jail mainly Miss Turner
Shanna – God’s care for her daughter Lilly
Tiffany – Joyful for going home, concerns for Jean
Kim –Joyful for home
Stephanie – Concern for her daughter Danielle
Cynthia – Concerns for her mom – care for her family
Alicia – Joyful for going home
Marcie – concern for her mom’s health
Rachel – prayers for her grandpa and kids
Trish - for protection from the evils this world
Brenda – for help to stay sober.

Below are the joys and concerns from the October 14 worship with 13 men in S5F, led by Becky, Karly and John:

Donald- Family and friends
Sheraud- Family situation and for growth in the Lord
Doral- Family and Friends
Shawn- Wife and kids, mother and father and everyone who is helping him
Harrison- His unborn baby
David- Lord's will and ways, 7 wishes
Tim- Everyone in prison with him
Leon- His case
Dean-Family member in hospital
Willie- to change
Michael - Joy for God and Jesus. Also prayers for the letter he wrote to media requesting to be a kidney donor.
Joseph- Family
Jeff- Glory and Honor to God. Prayers for all in prison so that they may be better providers for their families

On August 12th, Jim Dockendorff, John Sellins & Rich Bentley worshiped with 9 inmates at the Reading Road facility. The joys & concerns offered up were:

  • Ben- asking the Lord to help him remain sober and follow in his words
  • Zarki – Glory to the Lord, thanks & praise to remain sober and prayers for the guys on this floor and their families
  • Mark – asked for prayers for his mother who is in bad health
  • Tim – prayers for his nephew (Luke) a 6-7 month old who is in the hospital
  • Lloyd – prayers for wife and for food , clothing & shelter
  • Danny – asked that the Lord look out for his girlfriend and his daughter to keep them safe
  • Jose – prayers to remain sober and to see daughter, son & wife soon, thanked God for blessing him each day
  • Lee – Strength to kick his cocaine habit and to bring him back to the Lord
  • David who asked that the Lord help him change his life

On July 8th, Steve Long, John Sellins & Rich Bentley worshiped with 21 inmates at the justice center S3F. The joys & concerns offered up were:

  • Charles-to uphold his decision to follow Christ and not fall back,
  • Jerrian-Thank God to still be alive and for his kids and family and to get out & change and be successful,
  • Gary-prayers for family & court date,
  • Yemmani-Joy for his kids & their well-being,
  • Marty-Thank us for doing what we do here,
  • Jacob-Joy in the fact that he did the right thing in turning himself in,
  • Thomas-a joy in the people who support him on the outside & hopefully find favor with the judge,
  • Anthony-prayers that his son continue to grow healthy & find favor with the judge,
  • Hillary-today is a joy and thanked us for uplifting all of them today,
  • James-thankful to wake up and thankful to be here & that his court date goes well and thankful in the unconditional love thru God,
  • Mike-God is in my life & his family still supports him, concerned about his mother’s health and his family’s well-being and as far as his court date, let the truth be told,
  • Leon-Joy in the Lord that he will bring him through trials & tribulation,
  • Taron-asks for change and a turnaround & concerned about the judge,
  • Rich-prayers for his brother Bob in the hospital,
  • John-a joy regarding a new granddaughter.

For worship on June 10, 2012, they let me (Steve) go up right away so it seemed we'd be getting started early. WRONG! Once outside the area, the C.O. came out to let me know they were still getting their meds. After that I got to listen in on a heated exchange with one of the inmates about his not getting meds because he didn't arrive to the cart in time. I got in the room around 9 — since I was leading worship solo this week, I asked 3 guys to pass out the song sheets and they did it - though each paused for a second and I wondered if I'd need to do this myself. I spent a few minutes setting up and away we went with worship. Our theme was "Obedience" and we used the lectionary texts for the day, "anchored" by the 2 Corin. 4 verses. Most of the 25 guys in S5F got involved in the singing of our songs and they picked many of our jail ministry favorites. Many mentioned joys or concerns. Please consider praying for these guys, their families and the others in the listings below…

  • David: renewal of the mind
  • Brandon: helping a hurt man
  • Fred: spiritual growth coming along strongly
  • John: more knowledge, more wisdom
  • Terry: pray for everyone here, and the kids. Help all of the guys be understanders and doers of the word, not just readers of it
  • Kareem: lift up family and friends plus his unborn child
  • Steve: help him grow stronger in the Lord, that all of the guys would be united with their families again
  • Larry: strength for his family and their health
  • Rey: Family, children and freedom
  • Antonio: prayers for him, family friends and loved ones
  • TL: that the Hamilton Co. Prosecutor, Joe Deters, will find the Lord
  • David: ditto

One of the guys then read two sets of scripture verses that he found meaningful and wanted to share. They were James 1: 2-6 and James 1: 19-25. We closed with the Lord's Prayer and then the Benediction. It was a meaningful time for me and seemed to be for many of them!

On May 13th, Chris Davis, Steve Long and Rich Bentley worshiped with 7 inmates at the Justice Center. The following were the joys and concerns from that worship:

  • Eric – Prayers for his wife’s grandmother (Winn) who is ill and in the hospital. He asks for healing.
  • Andre – Lift up his mother, Elizabeth who was called to the church triumphant on April 10th and prayers for his dad, Calvin who suffers from diabetes and clots in his chest.
  • John – Prayers for Grandma Ethel who is 85 and is suffering from blockage in her colon of which part has been removed. Prayers for the family that they can get along and get reunited.
  • Ron – Concerned about upcoming court date and hopes for probation. Prayers for mother blood pressure to go down and prayers for Jase to have a change of heart.
  • Rich – Asked for prayers for all Mothers.
  • Steve – Prayers for church members Didi and Dick with their fight against cancer.
  • Wendell - Prayers for his grandma Darlene who has had kidney surgery. For his 3 kids at home, for Leigh his girlfriend who is ill. Hope all will make it home to their families.

On Sunday April 8, 2012 (Easter Sunday) the Mount Washington Jail Ministry team of Jim Dockendorff; Karly Holcombe, Maynard Holcombe and John Sellins worshiped with 38 men at the Hamilton County Justice Center. The spirit was present and the response enthusiastic with song, scripture and prayer. The following prayer requests were made :

  • Durand- Glad to be alive.
  • Demico - Hoping to get out Thursday
  • Jerome- Requests prayer for his marriage
  • Gene-Concern for his brother who was sentenced to three years
  • Kevin-How we take tomorrow for granted and hope that we live more spiritually. Also pray for the sick, shut-ins and crippled
  • Andre-Joy because he woke up this morning. Concern that a friend may have been killed but doesn't know if it is true.
  • Eric-Concern for his children. Has joy that he will see them again.
  • Geral-Joy for waking up and concern for his family.
  • Rashaun Trust and depend upon God
  • Rod-Pray for upcoming court date and joy for waking up.
  • John-Joy to be alive and concern for his grandma and those out there suffering
  • Johnny-Blessed to see another day and pray to make the right decision.
  • Steve-Concern for his illness and Joy because HE lives.
  • Terrence-Joy to be with his son in a few weeks.
  • Shaun- Joy because he woke up to see another day.
  • Elliott- God grants everlasting love. Concern about just and unjust justice prevails in court.
  • Terrell- Has trouble forgiving. Hope is to forgive.
  • Eric- Praying for someone who received a lesser sentence.
  • LaRon-Told that another county may be getting hurt-wants that not to be true so he can leave
  • Miguel-Proud to be the father of five kids-concern about losing them.

Chris, John & Rich worshiped in 1617 Ridge with 32 inmates on Sunday February 12th. The joys & concerns were as follows:

*Tara - Prayers for her son, give him strength to get thru each day & for family.
*Lisa - The devils work is goin on here. Need Prayers to get him out of here.
*Antornette - Deliverance & and for all the friends she has made here.
*Zoe - Her dog had puppies, and prayers for her family and that every one to be happy.
*Casey - Prayers for family & all the girls she has become friends with.
*Tynishia - Going to court, she deserves better than this, and prayers for her children.
*Charla - Angels all about us. Jesus will cancel out all enemies.
*Desiree - Prayers for her children & loved ones in her life. Lord keep peace in her heart.
*Boobarca - Pray for sister, watch over her family & 8 year old daughter, Rymia.
*Linda - Father has lung cancer, getting worse and has more pain. Wants to get out to visit.
*Jessica - Prayers for loved ones at home and asks for strength & guidance to get through this.
*Denise - She asks that God keep his hands of protection over her and her 3 children, the women here & their families.
*Michelle - Strength to get thru court, prayers for her Mom.

Rich, Carrie & Teresa worshiped in S5 on Christmas morning with 32 men. Here are their prayers:

  • Justin - Prays that everyone's family has a good Christmas.
  • Kincaid - Prays for mercy for all of us.
  • Russell - Pray for his son who is sick.
  • Thomas - Prays for everyone that they have luck in court.
  • David 1 - Pray his daughters have a good Christmas.
  • Terry - Prays that his family has a good Christmas.
  • David 2 - Please pray for his family to come to visit him…he has been in for 19 months and has never had a visit from them.

Jim, Becky and Rich worshiped in N3C with 45 inmates on Sunday 12/11/11 at the Justice Center. The joys & concerns were as follows:

  • Ashley – Thankful for a new day.
  • Nichole -Prayer’s for kids and grandchildren.
  • Tera – Thankful for husband for being there for her. Son coming home from college. Prayers for her Dad and dog Katie.
  • Tishchelle – Like to be home for Christmas with kids. Court case on Monday & pray that charges be dropped.
  • Brenee – Pray that she gets out and that the judge let her out on probation. She asks for prayers for her brother Dontonyio that he gets his life in order and that he leads a better life. Also prayers for her little brother and mom and for them to stay safe while Dontonyio does does bad stuff.
  • Kim – Prayers for her kids, and for Mom & Dad to stay safe and strong and that she gets moved to another Pod due to being high risk. Wants to get out soon.
  • Danielle – To get out soon & for court cases and for her kids & family.
  • Ahkeela – Prayers to get out Monday & keep family safe and that she can get out for her grandma’s funeral and for her fiancé to beat his case.
  • Margaret – prayers for brother’s head surgery. Hope charges get dismissed and for her to remain sober.
  • Shauna – court date on Tuesday and for new born baby.
  • Shamet – Hoping her life turns around.
  • Mary – Pray for her.
  • Kelley – Pray for her to go home on the 21st.
  • Linda – Pray for her.
  • Ruby – Prayer’s to be reinstated for Boone County.

Becky Timberlake, Steve Long, Karly Holcombe, Maynard Holcombe (and Chris Davis, in Spirit — there was a mix-up with our worship list) worshiped in N3C with 57 inmates Sunday 11/13/11 at the Justice Center. The team split up to take individual prayer joys/concerns so we could cover them all. The joys & concerns were as follows:

  • Jackie: has 4 year term in Marysville coming up, be with her brother and husband as they deal with medical issues, so she can be with them once she's out of prison
  • Carolyn: be with her and her family
  • Or'zarda: that her trial goes well in December (murder trial)
  • Tawanna: for the well-being of her family, especially her children; for her court day on 11/15
  • Nicole: that her sister's baby be healthy in February (they've tried having children for years); prayers for her family, that they have a happy Thanksgiving; that family and she can be happy and together very soon
  • Desiree: court date on 11/15; be with her kids and mom; help her to take the right path once she's out
  • Destiny- For her grandma who has colon cancer
  • Antoinette- Hope to be home with family for holidays
  • Lawana- Same as above
  • Amy- Strength for her and family to get through these tough times
  • Emily - For family
  • Mary- Her kids and hopes to return home
  • Shawna- For her grandma who has her kids
  • Ahkeela- For family and to get out of court date and return to job
  • Vonshay- For family and for strength for new beginnings
  • Bridget- For family and her kids and for things to be Ok at court
  • Kara- For family and hope all goes well at court and for her 6 month old baby
  • Kamerra -For fiancée that he may find housing for the two of them upon her release
  • {more will be added soon as they're available}

John Sellins, Steve Long, Melinda Ryan and Rich Bentley worshiped in N3C with 45 inmates Sunday 10/09/11 at the Justice Center. The joys & concerns were as follows:

  • Tayana- prayers for her and her baby and for her brother and the situation they have found themselves in.
  • Katie - pray for her sister who is in an abusive relationship and for her niece Brenda. Pray for her kids and a safe journey home.
  • Ashley - It is a blessing for her to know that she has an "out" date.
  • Rebecca - concerned for family members and for her dogs.
  • Jessica - Prayers for Tim her fiance, and wishes to get back with family.
  • Deasa - Prayers to get her son back one day.
  • Brittney - Family, and to pray for court date and to get closer to God.
  • Tiana - Prayers for son, her situation, and for her mom who is in the hospital.
  • Deanan - Had several warrants but only got 80 days instead of a year, feels blessed.
  • Doreen - Concerned for well being, joyful to be here and away from the drugs that got her here.
  • Jackie - Prayers for her brother Phillip who is not doing well.
  • Ella - Happiness, peace, freedom, babies, and for grandmothers.
  • Angela - concerned about her drug habits which have ruined her family life, her children have been split up, pray that they are ok, grateful to be here.
  • Nicole - Asks that God look after her grandchildren.
  • Kamerra - Thankful that she has found the Lord.
  • Kara - Going to another facility so she can move on and get closer to home and family.
  • India - Wishes a closer walk with God, and to keep her focus on God.

Karly, Maynard and Jim went to the Men’s Adapt Program and worshiped with 6 recovering inmates. Karly and Maynard did a great job tying in the elements and scriptures to a 9/11 memorial theme. The following are the joys and concerns:

  • Patrick – He is at Phase 2 and hopes to transition to Phase 3 soon
  • Alfred – Working to get out 1 step at a time. We need to pray for each other. Also has a baby boy on the way.
  • Tim – Moving into the 2nd phase. Pray for him to be humble and complete the program.
  • David Smith – Prayers for his family and help him to stay strong in his mind.
  • Demond – Praise be to God he has been blesses with a job at US Bank and will be leaving soon. Prayers to keep him on track once he is out. God bless the people who came to worship with us today.
  • Todd – Prayers to be strong and humble to get through the program. Also, he has a 2nd child on the way.

Rich Bentley and John Sellins were called from the Justice Center Chapel on August 14,2011 to worship with four inmates in the juvenile section. Although the numbers were small the spirit was present as we sang songs and were lifted with scripture and prayer. Our prayer requests were as follows:

  • Arthur: Pray for him and other inmates and his family.
  • Sy’rell Pray for all inmates and family and to get out as soon as possible.
  • Dejohn: Prayer for his case and his family
  • Chris: Pray that he can come home soon and for his family to be strong while he is gone.
  • There was also a special prayer request by Rich for his brother who has suffered a series of strokes but is making progress in walking and for Raymond and Elizabeth at MWPC as she recovers at home from an illness that required hospitalization.
  • These requests were lifted to God with a request for God's special blessing.

Steve and Becky joined 4 men at 1617 Ridge on 7/10/11. Please pray for

  • Joseph: Joy that it's his birthday and his hope is to start a new life.
  • Jeff: Joyful for getting to see his wife Hope this week but has concerns about being home before the holidays this year.
  • Ed: He is joyful that being there the last 3 weeks has changed his life. Reading the Bible has made him feel better. He said just picking up the Bible keeps him on course. He is grateful things are looking up for him.
  • Logan: He is concerned for his wife and step-children. He hopes they will allow him to come home and give him a second chance.
  • Steve: Joyful about hearing that the inmates were participating in Bible study.

John, Karly, Maynard, Carrie and Teresa worshiped at N4C on June 12, 2011 with 30 men.
Please pray for:
Demetrius - … that everyone can get out of this place, and turn their life around to not get back in.
Chad - … to stay strong when he gets out and for everyone to go home to their family.
Mark - … his children, Megan & Isaiah.
Wil - … well-being of his daughter, Megan, and family.
Laray - … world peace, family, and help churches to grow big and grow strong.
Norman - … everyone when in court. Pray God helps everyone to get out.
Ricardo - …that lies of the enemy will be exposed and all accepts gospel.
Dave - … help his pastor who has cancer and that he has no more prison after his court appearance.
Kevin - … fiance and daughter who are both disabled; that he can get back to them… be with everyone at their court hearings.
Don - … salvation of every inmate in every jail.
Greg - … everyone and everyone in here including worship team.
Robert - …his daughters and fiance… and to save his daughter; let her live longer than his other daughter.
Al - …family and everyone in here.
Ron -… God's will be done.
Anonymous -…add on to first prayer request that all find personal relationships with God.

On 5/9/2011, Chris, John, Rich and Steve went to the Justice Center S4C to lead worship with 28 men on this Mother's Day. We were blessed with a group willing to read, learn new songs and talk about their interpretations of what we were saying. Chris did a nice little commentary on "call" and one fellow said "it's like I can feel God tugging at my heart." It was a meaningful time of worship.

Those asking for prayer requests are as follows:

  • Gary - For his family and unity, brotherhood and support for and from his fellow inmates. Also, prayers for all the people who are suffering from the earthquakes in Japan and the tornados in the south.
  • John - His court date this week and his family and wife.
  • Mark Gerth - For the family of Tanze Harston and Mohammad Ould Mohammad and their loved ones
  • Tim - That he keeps his spirits up and is able to keep thinking positively. All the mother's.
  • Kym - Pray to stop the execution of his uncle Shawn Hawkins
  • Lamonte - Pray for the birth a healthy son
  • Parish - For his situation and a better future. For his freedom
  • Demetrius - For his mother and his freedom.

*On 3/13/2011, Jim, John, Chris, Karly and Gladys (ministry guest/visitor) went to the Justice Center North Building on the third floor pod F to lead a service.**

Those asking for prayer requests are as follows:

  • Anthony - prays to keep his focus and prays for his family and to also stay strong during this difficult time.
  • Jafeth - Prays for another inmates mother who is recovering and he also asks prayers for his family.
  • Ellis - asks for prayers for everyone.
  • Greg - Prays to get on the right path instead of what the flesh wants him to do.
  • Rick - asks for prayers for his wife, Rebecca. He also is very grateful to God for his sobriety and he asks for prayers for his children and his father and he continues to ask for strength to help clean his heart for our heavenly Father.
  • Sham - pray for him and his children. He also asks prayers that he is able to find honest work and not go back to selling drugs. He also asks for prayers for all the mothers and children out there who don't have their fathers with them.
  • Shawn - is grateful for the jail ministry.
  • Brian - asks for deliverance and a better understanding and strength to follow God.

On 2/13/2011, Steve, Teresa, Becky, Gene and Rich went to the Justice Center South Building fifth floor pod C to lead a service for 25 inmates. This was a very positive worship experience, with probably 20 of the 25 in the congregation really singing along, and providing a particularly tender-hearted moment at the end of worship…. The Spirit was definitely moving in and among us – thanks be to God!

Those asking for prayer requests are as follows:

  • Reginald - Who has been praying for God and his girlfriend to forgive him for the pain he has caused in their relationship. He has a court date of 2/15/11 and asks that God show him mercy.
  • Marcus – Thankful for waking up and blessed with this day. He is concerned about his family and his upcoming case. Asking for forgiveness.
  • Jarvis – Wanting to see a great revival in the jail. Looks forward to be united with his children and wants to walk closer with God.
  • Fonta – Asks for strength and for peace in our life.
  • Chauncey – Pray for everyone to have faith in us and to never give up.
  • Steffen – Wants God to reach out to him. His mom, Gwen just got out of surgery and he wishes to get back home so he can take care of her.
  • Ruben – Prayers for family and for salvation and deliverance.
  • Robert – Prayers for his wife Anita to be ok and that he can find Jesus and bring peace in his life.
  • Nick – Prayers that he may find forgiveness.
  • Michael – Prayers that God may show favor in his upcoming case; God’s will be done, and prayers for his family.
  • Charles – Thanks be to God. Wants to see his kids grow up and that he is becoming a grandfather.
  • Daniel – Prayers for Family, his fiancé and her family and for himself.
  • Mario – Prayers for his father and hopes that he gets home soon.

Rich, John and Steve worshiped on 1/9/2011 with 16 men in N4F at the Hamilton County Justice Center. Please pray for the following:

  • John: is holding grudges and needs to forgive (our theme for the day by Rich and John)
  • Prince: prayers for his family and the situation in court - may the judge show mercy
  • Lamar: that he receive good news in court tomorrow
  • Eric: prayers for his family, to help see his situation through
  • Ryan: prayers for his whole family; that he might get more wisdom and knowledge
  • Janeiro: prayers for his family, that God might be in the courtroom
  • Michael: prayers for all in the group; grateful for the message and joy we brought in worship
  • Steve: pleased to hear that Rich's brother Bob has new housing at SEM that meets more of his needs

Joys & Concerns Prayer Requests - previous months

Rich, Carrie and Teresa worshiped Christmas morning with 25 inmates at the Hamilton County Justice Center. Please pray for the following:

  • Shadward - Pray for his girlfriend, Sherry, who will be having major surgery, that God be with her.
  • Lamore - Prays he will be "free" next Christmas so he can spend time with his kids/grandkids. Also pray that his grandkids find God and get a good eduction.
  • Camen - Prays he stays strong and accept Jesus as his savior. Also prays for everyone to be strong.
  • Mareo Prays that God cleanse his heart and renew his soul.
  • Lawrence - Pray that God will lead him to where he needs to go.
  • Prince - Pray for his grandmother who has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Prays that he can get out to spend time with her.
  • Marco - Pray for his daughter, Faith.
  • Courden - His son just turned 1 and he prays he gets out to spend other birthdays with him.
  • Scott - Pray for the sisters of Transfiguration in Glendale.
  • Demonte - Pray for his kids and his mom.
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